the OpenSource Awards India 2019

OpenSource Contributors

In 2019, we're organizing the first OpenSource Awards in India to recognize open source contributors and create more visibility for OpenSource Heroes

Why dont more companies adopt opensource software?

Organizations & Startups

Most Startups & Mid-Sized companies are afraid to adopt Opensource Software because there is no support available. We're creating a directory of Opensource contributors & experts who can advise companies on adopting OpenSource software & provide longer term Support/Advise/Consulting

How do provide more support to Opensource Software

OpenSource Founders

Most OpenSource software repositories need users & critical traction for their founding teams to stay motivated & maintain their repositories. We hope this platform will bring that critical traction & provide more reasons to founding teams to maintain opensource projects.

Openfuel started 5 years ago as a not for profit to fuel Startups & Innovation movement in India.
During its course we went all around the country.
Over 400,000 individuals & Startups have used Openfuel tools & platform.

We believe that technology is the greatest force of Innovation
and OpenSource software will keep technology accessible & independent.
That is the only guarantee for long term technology innovation.

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